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In order to give excellent safety standards, in the building of the earthquake-proof and fire-resistant structure, we prepared the home locker of the room divided by the steel panel, and the fixed container & the Box(New!). If it is in business hours with one key, you can use as a lumber room substitute of a house freely any number of times at any time.

Type Size Charge a month
(including tax)

Home Locker


W: 1,375
D: 2,400
H: 2,400

(3.3 sq. meters)

3.3 - 16.5 sq. meters
1st floor

19,425 JPY
(3.3 sq. meters)

Mid. 2nd floor

15,540 JPY
(3.3 sq. meters)

Home Container


W: 1,930
D: 1,430
H: 1,970

(2.76 sq. meters)
Upper Unit

12,600 JPY

Floor-standing Unit

15,750 JPY

Box    (New!)


W: 1,000
D: 750
H: 1,440

(0.66 sq. meters)

6,300 JPY