Seven business locations serve as distribution centers in the central hub of Japan, the Tokyo Metropolitan region. Responding to the particular characteristics of various goods, we have facilities in prime locations:
œWaterfront division-warehouses for general items
œLand division-warehouses for general items
œHazardous materials warehousing
œToxic materials warehousing
œLow or fixed temp. warehousing
œBonded warehousing
Loading and Unloading

In addition to having a variety of machinery for general loading and unloading, we are able to comply with specific needs such as order receiving & processing, destination-based or direction-based classification, even vanning and devanning.
Express forwarding

We have formed an express forwarding system within the Kanto 100km region guaranteeing a fast, direct and reliable daily service. Moreover, joint ventures with six major companies, each holding vital transportation routes enable us to respond to all needs with this nationwide network.
Distribution processing

To keep pace with diversifying consumer needs, we refined our conventional storage warehouses into distribution processing plants. Doing so enables us to act as intermediate between maker and consumer. Our comprehensive system now supports product inspection, packaging, price labelling and set packaging.
Customs clearance

We noted the increasing diversity of International distribution at an early stage. To meet these demands we have our own bonded warehouse in Kawasaki, a crossroads location for both sea and transport. When it comes to import and related business, we offer service of superlative efficiency.
Real estate leasing

There are boundless new applications for the use of warehouse space. Reflecting these progressive times, parts of our warehouses (especially waterfront locations) are now used as restaurants, photographic studios, recording studios, furniture showrooms and many other creative applications.
Home locker & container

We provide storage for personal belongings such as leisure goods, documents, off-season cold and warm weather equipment, etc... Also especially useful during house renovatoins or long overseas trips. Storage couldn't be easier or more convenient. With one key, it's as easy to access as your own home.
Document storage

We offer safe and secure storage of important corporate documents, magnetic tape and a variety of other information media, under climate control conditions. Stored items are kept track of through an innovative, specially-designed computer system.

From office to general home moving needs, we have rich experience in the moving field. We employ meticulous methods to ensure safe transit for a variety of articles in accordance with your needs.